Solamon Energy Corp - Why CEO takes no action?


In 2011 Solamon Energy Corporation was reported to

Trading Surveillance Office, at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Following an in-depth internal investigation, Solamon Energy Corporation was initially suspended and then removed from trading on exchange. See attached copy of notification de-listing.

Reason for removal from Frankfurt Bourse was based on… irregular share trading leading to suspicions of share price manipulation.

Within a matter of weeks Solamon had relisted though GXG London? What does that say to you about GXG?

Graeme Boyce, refutes that Solamon where ejected from Frankfurt bourse, but left on its own free will. This is a lie! It is on open record published by Frankfurt Bourse that Solomon’s was ejected.

Fisher Capital Management (FCM) an international boiler room scam and money laundering operation know to law enforcement agencies and FSA. Has scammed many investors by selling worthless Solamon Energy shares.

GXG London office has had dealings with Solamon at senior management level. Mr. Alex Benger who runs the UK office of GXG Markets, confirms GXG listed Solamon Energy Corp - ISIN CA83409Y1088 earlier in 2012. He is also aware of FCM and Solamon share trading history and FCM as a scam and money laundering outfit. Again what does this say about GXG London?

It is virtually impossible to make contact with Solamon Energy offices in Canada. No one answers the phone. Messages left by worried ‘investors’ go unanswered. On investigation Solamon do not have a front office set-up and the company registration is a residential flat address.

CEO Graeme Boyce, or his company has made no attempt to take legal action against FCM, again why not, FCM is directly impacting on Solamon business reputation.

The published shareholders of Solamon Energy are- Wilhelm Toothe, Graeme Boyce, Jason Yeo, Ainsley Brown.

If you have been effected by this, or want to add additional information please email

Review about: Share Trading.


Den Haag, South Holland, Netherlands #761481

I am one of the scammed they were good I can say that with all the right deals and wed sites now of course I am out of pocket with no way of getting anything back BEWARE of these people and you can add Patrick Timson to the list of names

:cry :( :(

to OldRocket Copenhagen, Capital Region Of Denmark, Denmark #828697

I am a reporter at the danish media Berlingske Business who are looking into GXG. Would you please send me an mail on:


It's a huge scam. Do not trust these people!

I know someone that works in the company and the whole thing is a joke. Beware :upset

15million Euro scam by Fisher Capital Management helped by Solamon Energy Corp

Manama, Al Asimah Governorate 7 comments
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Solamon Energy Corp IS part of the Fisher Capital Management SCAM.

Been effected by these companies? If you haven't read on to be forewarned.

Fisher Capital Management is a Boiler Room and Money Laundering SCAM operation.

They trawl Linkedin and other sites to select victims. DON'T BE ONE. Never agree to any financial deal on the phone. Check out the company though web sites like this, or official financial bodies FSA etc. Ask reputable brokers about them. If listed go to the exchange and ask for exchange Compliance office for verification.

Solamon Energy Corp a Canadian company, say they "˜provides renewable energy solutions to growing communities'. Look at the web site and Fisher Capital Management (FCM). Impressive but Both Scams! There is no independent third party to substantiate anything which Solamon Energy say they do!

FCM set up virtual offices in Asian with linked Skype connections and proxy servers to hide IP address. These scammers are good, persuasive and worked in City of London.

Solamon Energy, Canadian CEO, Graeme Boyce (see his photo on LinkedIn) his company is part of the Fisher Capital Management scam. We believe Solamon does not have any tangible assets and no contracts in place to provide any service or install any of it solar panels. I have personally asked Graeme Boyce regarding this and Solamon shares certificates issued by FCM. He does not comment!

THE SCAM 15-20 million Euro's over the last 2 years from 100's of victim across many countries!

Solamon was thrown out of Frankfurt stock market early 2012, relating to share manipulation. They have now re registered with GXG markets, London. GXG is now investigating the validity of Solamon share certificates issue by FCM. We believe to be fraudulent

Solamon Energy "˜offices' have three address in Toronto, they are private dwellings! They have No front office and NO one answer calls. Solamon solicitors Lorne H. Albaum, TORONTO, are in denial

London High Court Freezing order was place on FCM in Jan 2012 on a number of international Banks including Maybank Labuan. British, Singapore, Korea and Saudi fraud squads have reported FCM to Interpol. FCM have set ups in Manila and London.

FCM set up the following scam companies- Solamon Energy Corp, Eldora Gold Resources, Green Cell Technologies….. ALL SCAMS! "˜Names' of some of FCM scammers:


If you have been affected by this please contact me.


Review about: Shares In Solamon Energy Corp.



It is not worth being on the run for such a small amount of money and always having to look over your shoulder; just one of the cheated clients will for sure have the funds to track them down and get the matter settled; difficult to manoeuvre around in public after the names and pictures have now been exposed.

to TBP #785678

They have started again; and Remember to do your own due diligence!

Den Haag, South Holland, Netherlands #761483

I am one of the scammed they were good I can say that with all the right deals and wed sites now of course I am out of pocket with no way of getting anything back BEWARE of these people and you can add Patrick Timson to the list of names


Are these really scam companies?


FCM are part of a huge scam, they run many other boiler rooms.. I have names, passport photos, addresses and bank transaction details, if they dont pay me back everything will go on the website and they will be revealed to all of the victims to take there revenge however they want.

byt the way 15 million is too low, from bank trnasaction details I have estimations is more like 25m...

watch this space very carefully in about two weeks! all will be revealed..

to kickthe***out of them San Francisco, California, United States #619806

Good for you.. I am waiting for your post, i would like to do the same as youe nickname suggests

to kickthe***out of them #962208

hi kickshit.....rather old post, hope you still come to see this. I have fallen victim to the same guys, under a different name, meanwhile I can connect them to 5 boiler rooms. Have gathered a lot of info, looks like you also have something, if you want to share and team up with me and other victims who are going after them please contact me under

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